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Well it is now time for the annual resolution post, as I did last year I will put it behind the cut.

Of course we always begin with the recap.

1. Find love, meaningful lifetime like love.

Did anyone actually expect me to do this, I don't think I believed I would do it when I wrote it last year

2. Get into and start law school.

Got in, start on Tuesday, so I'll give myself this one.

3. Get a job that is a career type job, not just something you do to get through school.

Did for a while, didn't end up working out, so I guess this will have to wait until I graduate in 2008

4. Figure out if I'm running for anything in 2006 so I can begin setting up a good solid run.

I'm not so I guess the decision is the resolution.

5. Improve my style of dress from t-shirt and jeans to something more adult looking, on a regular basis, and not just becuase I'm going to work.

When I wasn't at home, which was a lot this year, I did this one.

So this year I am 3-2, overall I am 8-9-2.

Now onto this year.

1. Push myself to the limit in law school and not just get by by the skin of my teeth like I always have.

and of course the classic 2. Get a girlfriend.

Only two this year because 1 will take a lot of my time, and let's be honest number 2 hasn't come happened yet and what makes anyone think it will this year with the amount of time I will be doing law school stuff.

In case I forget to mention it to anyone, I am going to be getting a laptop to take to school with me, so I will using an AIM name for that, if you want it ask me for it, because I am going to start using it this week.

Happy New Year everybody.
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